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Full Screen Robovision is the collection of short films selected from the best moving image works amongst the 259 entries uploaded during the second edition of the Machinista "arts and technology" festival and presented at the offline event.
Experimental imaging, audiovisual code, animations and VJ mixes were entered in response to an open call to illustrate the idea of
"the world as seen by the machines"

screening time: 1H30.
total duration: 2Hours.
VJ mode: 28 individually looping tracks.

All contributing artists are showcasing their work under a Creative Commons license to enable legal duplication and public performance for non-commercial uses. Please refer to tracks list>preview-info for individual license details.

The complete full- resolution DVD (including artwork) is downloadable from this site. Feel free to copy and distribute the MACHINISTA DVD on a not-for-profit basis.

Produced with support from the Scottish Arts Council and the Open Source Movie Archive as part of their new collections.
We encourage the sharing of the DVD file through the Bittorrent P2P (peer to peer) network.


cover image "My little Eye": Robot and photograph by Paul Granjon www.zprod.org

The Machinista Festival is looking for Host Organisations to curate the 2005 and 2006 offline events.